Recruitment Resources

Here are some Membership recruiting Ideas and tools for you and your county to have a successful Membership Program!

Current number of Colorado members: 24,123

Running a Successful County Membership Campaign

Purpose: Provide direction and leadership in county membership acquisition, and maintenance programs and activities. Develop an active year round program of work, particularly directed to a dedicated time frame to include such things as membership drives, membership classification procedures, collection of dues, development of a potential member prospect list, and new members orientation and informational programs.

President’s Responsibilities:

  1. Appoint the membership committee.
  2. Serve as the advisory member to the committee.
  3. Explain to the committee its responsibilities and scope of authority.
  4. Attend meetings with the District Membership Chair.

County Board Responsibilities:

  1. Develope committee’s statement of purpose, definition of responsibilities, and its scope of authority.
  2. Provide potential member names to the president for appointment to the committee.
  3. Approve the committee appointments, programs of work, programs of work calendar, and budget.
  4. Require the committee to report on their progress regularly.
  5. Assist the committee in membership acquistion.

Membership Chairman’s Responsibilities:

  1. Prepare committee meeting agendas and chair all committee meetings.
  2. Present the committee’s program of work, calendar and budget to the county board for approval.
  3. Make regular presentations to the board on progress of committee’s program of work and membership acquistion.
  4. Attend meetings with the District Membership Chair.
  5. Report on a regular basis to Regional Manager the program of work and new member acquistion.

Membership Committee’s Responsibilites:

  1. Develop the program of work for the committee within the purpose, responsibilities and scope of authority outlined by the county president.
  2. Develop a program of work calendar and budget, and submit it to the board of approval.
  3. Report to the board regularly the progress of its member acquistion campaign.
  4. Actively participate in the pursuit of new members and the collection of dues from unpaid renewal members.

District Membership Chair Responsibilities:

  1. Assist county president and county membership chair in surfacing new ideas for identifying prospective new members and developing prospect lists.
  2. Assist Regional Manager as an encourager and facilitator for member acquistion programs.

Membership Campaign Committee:

  1. Prepare a county membership campaign timetable.
  2. Plan the overall membership campaign…type, starting date, publicity, number of workers, recruitment, etc.
  3. Determine the target retention rate goal and new member goal.
  4. Develop a campaign budget… meals, advertising, incentives, and victory celebration.
  5. Develop a prospect list… previous members, drop lists, county assessor’s maps, plot books, NRCS list, phone book, etc.
  6. Determine materials and handouts needed for campaign.
  7. Organize training session to rehearse activities.
  8. Plan and conduct a membership kickoff.
  9. Determine campaign worker reporting procedures, time and method.
  10. Set date for completion of campaign.
  11. Select and plan for a victory celebration.
  12. Plan a new member orientation and information session.
  13. Promote enthusiasm and fun.

Campaign Overview: The county board delivers the charge to membership chairman to conduct a membership campaign for  example during the two-week period of March 17-31 2009. The charge should include expectations (goals) time frame and budget.

  1. Membership Committee Planning Meeting
  2. Establish goals including new member acquistion and retention of unpaid members.
  3. Determine worker needs and recruitment ideas.
  4. Establish a timetable.
  5. Develope a Prospect list.
  6. Identify the worker recognition awards and incentives.
  7. Develop a budget.
  8. Establish a kickoff date during the selected period of time.
  9. Identify the handout materials and talking points needed.
  10. Develop a completion date.
  11. Develop victory celebration plans.
  12. Develop plans for new member orientation and involvement retention.


When You Plan Your Kickoff:

  • Board of Approval of Plan of Work
  • Zip code/Township Lists of Regular Meetings
  • List of Last Year’s New Regular Members
  • Incentives
  • Copy of the Membership Structure
  • Decorations
  • Target for the County
  • Pens/Pencils
  • Explanation of the cost of County Membership
  • Map of the Membership Structure
  • Funny Money
  • New Member Objective
  • Prizes for Display
  • Prospect Lists (use database)
  • Facilities for Kick-off and Victory Party Secured

When you go out to Visit Prospects:


  • Pens/Pencils
  • Membership Applications
  • Policy Books
  • Rules of the Contest/Incentive Plan
  • Brochures describing member services/benefits
  • Legislative Accomplishments
  • Producer Member Definitions
  • Latest Issue of the Colorado Way of Life
  • Local Benefits, Issues and Accomplishments


Setting Your Membership Goal: A state membership goal is established for each county. The official Colorado Farm Bureau quota for each county is, “one more member than you had last year.” It is recommended that counties establish their own goals to work towards during their drives. A county can establish any goal that they feel will be most effective. One way to establish your goal is to use the Ag Census Data. You can calculate your county goal by subtracting your present regular memberships from these figures, then take 5% of the potential members as the desired increase.



2009 Census Farms with a total of $1000 or more of Value Product Sold:


  • Adams 895
  • Alamosa 316
  • Archuleta 306
  • Baca 777
  • Bent 311
  • Boulder 746
  • Chaffee 223
  • Cheyenne 380
  • Conejos 535
  • Costilla 241
  • Crowley 268
  • Custer 226
  • Delta 1294
  • Dolores 279
  • Douglas 1080
  • Elbert 1402
  • El Paso 1529
  • Fremont 924
  • Garfield 623
  • Grand 229
  • Gunnison 227
  • Huerfano 309
  • Jackson 12
  • Jefferson 540
  • Kiowa 542
  • Kit Carson 786
  • La Plata 1076
  • Larimer 1757
  • Las Animas 585
  • Lincoln 542
  • Logan 1035
  • Mesa 1767
  • Moffat 503
  • Montezuma 1123
  • Montrose 1045
  • Morgan 894
  • Otero 569
  • Ouray 105
  • Phillips 334
  • Prowers 636
  • Pueblo 881
  • Rio Blanco 285
  • Rio Grande 390
  • Routt 610
  • Saguache 242
  • San Miguel 123
  • Sedgwick 193
  • Summit 41
  • Washington 1010
  • Weld 3921
  • Yuma 970

  • Total 39,054

“We must think big if we expect to grow that way.”

2012 Membership Incentive Program: Counties that complete these five steps and reach producer gial in 2012 will recieve $500 in cash or Farm Bureau merchandise for their members. If counties complete these five steps before May 1, they will receive an additional $250 in Farm Bureau clothing.

  1. Call all nonrenewal members
  2. Hold a successful membership drive
  3. Invite nonmembers to county annual meeting
  4. Provide information to potential members (flyers, website, etc.)
  5. Talk about membership at every meeting and event.

The top member recruiter will receive a $300 gift certificate to Grainger or a $250 gift certificate of his or her choice. The top county will be eligible to win a steak feed hosted by CFB staff. Counties can win in one of two categories:

  • Largest new member gain
  • Largest gain as a percentage of goal

County Local Affairs Program: The local affairs program involves committees which become responsible for representing agriculture, and the county Farm Bureaus in local government and the community. Committee activities include both advocacy work based on county Farm Bureau policy and projects designed to solve local problems and promote agriculture. The following are Local Affairs Committees that aid individual cases by helping to resolve problems through a cooperative government and private sector partnership in a timely manner:


  • Water
  • Ag in the Classroom
  • Wildlife
  • Enviroment
  • Land Use
  • Revenue Bonds
  • Property Taxation
  • Planning Commission
  • Public Lands
  • Roads
  • Health/Safety
  • Energy Exploitation
  • Fire Protection/ Codes
  • Water Quality
  • Property Rights
  • County Fair
  • Hospital
  • Library
  • Health Services
  • Sewer/Drain
  • Museum
  • Weed Control
  • County Assessor
  • County Commissioners
  • Law Enforcement
  • Ag Security
  • Cooperative Extension
  • 4H/FFA
  • Local Transportation
  • Farm to Market Access
  • Right to Farm
  • Farmers Markets
  • Commodity Promotion
  • Predator Control
  • Animal Welfare/Care
  • Interaction with other Ag Groups
  • Local GMO’s
  • Recreation
  • County Employment Matters
  • County Salaries
  • Pesticide Use
  • Special Districts Taxing
  • County Road/Bridge
  • Pueblo 881
  • Rio Blanco 285
  • Rio Grande 390
  • Routt 610
  • Saguache 242
  • San Miguel 123
  • Sedgwick 193
  • Summit 41
  • Washington 1010
  • Weld 3921
  • Yuma 970

  • Total 39,054



Special Districts Representation

Conservation Districts

Ag Lending

County/City Sales Tax Exemption

RMP/FSP Revisions

Wild and Scenic Rivers

Renewable Energy Sources

Enterprise Zones

Conservation Easements

Development Rights

Club 20

County Ag Advisory Panel

Action 22

Progressive 15

Water Education

Water Conservancy District

Solid Waste Disposal


Candidate Forums